The Art Of Getting What You Want – Do You Have It?

  • 9 years ago

Have you heard yourself saying, “I want that house or I want that car? Of course, we all say it sometime in our life. It’s not easy getting everything we want in life but it’s not impossible either. Start by taking the time to understand what you truly want in life, it’s not just about making goals. It seems as you get older, material possessions matter less than matters of the heart, like family, children, loved ones, pets…. Find out early what truly matters to you!

BE NICE! Don’t be nice to people to get something you want, be nice because what goes around, comes around. Repeat what I just said at least 10 times to make sure it sticks in your head. Nurture your relationships, whether they are work relationships, personal relationships or family relationships. You will not be sorry you do this, believe me.
As far as a job goes, pick something you love to do. Don’t think about taking a position you hate for the money…you will be miserable for at least 8 hours every day, 40 hours a week and if you work for 40 years, that adds up to 83,200 hours in your lifetime. Do you really want to waste your life that way? NO! Nothing feels better than getting up in the morning with a smile on your face because you are excited to go to your job. You like the people you work with and you have fun and are inspired by what you do. Talk about getting what you want! What could be better? Don’t get me wrong when I say, love your job, that’s very important but the only way to guarantee the chance to get what you want is hard work and lots of it. Nothing comes easy in this life my friends, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and go for it!

If at first you don’t succeed DO NOT GIVE UP, keep trying until you do. Perseverance always pays off in the long run and hard work is never a waste of time. “KNOCK KNOCK, who’s there? Everything you ever wanted and more.” As a Property Manager in West Vancouver, I constantly challenge what I want and aim for the stars until I can reach every single one of them.

Take stock of your life and ask yourself the hard questions. Are you content with where you are? If not, why not? Change is always scary but nobody changes your life but YOU and you alone. Don’t compromise on happiness; embrace it, because actions speak louder than words. Make change where it needs to be and do it quickly and without regret. Don’t lie on your deathbed regretting what could have been, celebrate what was! Take absolute responsibility for your life and for your accomplishments.

Staying fit and healthy is a great way to get what you want in life because a healthy body helps maintain a healthy mind. Energy is the best aphrodisiac for success, so eat those green, leafy vegetables and take that extra lap around the pool. When looking for an apartment or condo in Vancouver, you will find so many buildings that promote a healthy lifestyle through their amenities like pools, gyms, squash courts etc. it is impossible not to participate.

Decisions..decisions..decisions..this is where you need to show up. Stop waffling and wasting time. Focus and make the important decisions and stick with them. Do you fill your days with useless projects and endless lists of unimportant things to do? Yes, you are busy but are you productive? Life isn’t a jogging route that you run around circles in, this is your life. You need to know where you are going and how to get there and no one will do it for you. Make sure the path you are on is where you want to end up, not just a wasteful cycle you have grown accustomed to. What do YOU want? How can YOU make it happen?

Lastly, believe you can do it! Believe in YOU! The art of getting what you want is a simple clear journey that we all take. Try not to get sidetracked from what you truly want for yourself; once you have clearly defined what that is. Stay focused, work hard, live healthy and love what you do but always believe you can do it. Think about who you respect and admire in life and look at how they have lived and achieved their successes. Compare your life in a similar way and see what areas you mirror them. What stirs your passions and gives you an inner fire to be successful in all the spheres of your life? Take responsibility for your successes and build on them. Stay positive and surround yourself with positive people, it’s amazing how your attitude and behaviors will manifest into a profound change on your outlook on life. So, what can you do today to begin those changes towards getting what you want and deserve out of this fabulous life?

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The Art Of Getting What You Want - Do You Have It?

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