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Christmas is right around the corner; only 20 days left until the big guy in the red and white suit slides down your chimney. As Christmas day approaches, everyone starts to get so excited to put up their Christmas tree. Whether you decide on a live tree or artificial tree doesn’t matter. It is the happiness and holiday spirit your tree will exude that makes the memories. Pulling out your old boxes filled with past years holiday decorations is the best time. Everyone always tries to have the perfect tree that makes your living room or wherever you put your tree up alive with love, lights and the spirit of the Christmas season.

Before heading to your local Christmas tree farm or market, measure the space your tree will be placed in, so you know exactly what size of tree you need. Take note of the height from your floor to your ceiling to make sure that the Christmas tree will fit into it.Also, consider which area in the house you will be putting the tree in and measure the entire circumference. You do not want your tree to completely take over the room, where it looks too big for the space. Most people tend to pick a specific corner of the room and let the tree shine in its own space.
So how to pick the perfect Christmas tree for your home?
If you are choosing a live Christmas tree, pick the freshest, greenest and healthiest looking one you can find. Take your time. Check all the branches and the size of the tree trunk; will the trunk fit into your tree stand? Do not choose a tree that looks dry. Smell is also a big feature of the live trees; nothing smells better than a spruce or pine tree.

Reliable companies that offer live Christmas trees are what you want to look for.  They provide the tree well wrapped for easy delivery or transport back to your home.
You want to make it as easy as possible to set up your tree so take the time to measure everything accurately. Have a sturdy tree stand with a solid tray to keep filled with water ready to go when the tree arrives. Let the whole family take part in the tree trimming. You can also fine tune it when everyone is asleep.

The most important thing is spending the time together as a family to decorate the tree.
It is the perfect time for steaming mugs of hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies.

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