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The Sea-bus in North Vancouver is a passenger-only ferry service in Metro Vancouver, Canada. It crosses the Burrard Inlet connecting downtown Vancouver to the  North Shore.The Sea-bus in North Vancouver is one of the most used and vital public transportation systems in the city. The Sea-bus is not only one of the fastest ways to travel but also one of the most convenient for the hoards of daily North Shore commuters.
Most people prefer to travel via ferries to avoid the stress and congestion on the over populated bridges and slower bus services.
The four vessels are the Burrard Otter, the MV Burrard Beaver, the MV Burrard Pacific Breeze and the MV Burrard Otter II. Each sea-bus can hold up to 400 seat capacities so there is always room for everyone except very high traffic times and there are many, many sailing times to accommodate everyone’s hectic schedules. In North Vancouver there are 2 terminals; whereas, Waterfront in downtown Vancouver which connects the Sky train, buses and West Coast Express has 1 terminal.

The sea-buses operate between 6:00 am and 1:00 am from Monday to Saturday, and between 8:00 am and 11:30 pm on Sundays and holidays. The vessels leave every 15 minutes in the morning and every 30 minutes in the evening. Commuters using this public transportation love the speedy crossing of approximately 12 minutes.

Also, the Sea-bus in North Vancouver offers free rides on New Year’s Eve which is most likely to avoid people from drinking and driving and to make sure people are safe travelling on this day.

Who would not love to travel much faster on their daily commute to work everyday while enjoying the 12-15 minute ride complete with a spectacular water view. If you are really lucky you may see a harbour seal or killer whale pod along the route as well. People no longer have to endure a boring bus ride on the bridge when they can just as easy hop on the convenient sea-bus. People use the sea-bus terminal in North Vancouver because it’s easily accessible, faster to cross in North Vancouver and Downtown, inexpensive while enjoyable the great city of North Shore and downtown Vancouver.
If you have never tried the sea-bus take a ride just for fun!

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