The bright orange walled West Vancouver townhouse for rent

  • 8 years ago
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So you own a luxury UBC Westside Vancouver rental house or a furnished Lonsdale condo, maybe even a 10 million dollar beachfront Dundarave house for rent. How do you make it unappealing? Paint the walls unique, bright colors. The last time I ever advised one of our Vancouver property management clients to paint their homes interior walls WITHOUT specifying to use basic, neutral colors the walls ended up bright orange. Party after party would walk through and bite their tongues and always leave me with the impression that if all else falls through… they would consider this home as their last and final resort.

Think of any new condo development when you need ideas of how to finish the interior of your Vancouver rental home. These developers spend hundreds of millions of dollars so they can’t afford to have people NOT like how the homes look. They use greys, beige’s, whites and browns. Soft, light colors and white moldings.

You are trying to make your home desirable to the maximize number of people possible. Always remember that you are not planning on living in the home so meeting your personal tastes and desires is not important. A person who decides to rent a Northshore house or live in a Westside Vancouver rental home or downtown furnished condo has MANY choices so its up to you to put your home in the best possible light so it shows as well as it can.

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