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When your gutters fill up with unwanted branches or wet leaves, this is where your problems can start. Before you know it, you have clogged gutters and when the heavy rainy season hits, the water starts overflowing over the sides and can cause damage to your expensive lawn and bushes. When looking to rent a property, take the time to look up and check the gutters. If they look full or in need of replacing, mention this to the owner.

If you live in a colder climate the water trapped can freeze and the weight can cause extensive damage to the exterior of the property. Be prepared and get ready before Fall or Winter hits. Water overflow can seep into the structural foundation of your house and attic and cause the actual foundation to crack or cause mold. These problems can be costly and eventually devalue your property and lead to major problems. Sagging gutters are a common problem when the gutters are not attended to. Believe us, as experienced Property Managers, we see the damaging results of not cleaning gutters every winter.

The easiest solution is to keep your gutters free of any debris and check them at least twice a year.

Hire a gutter specialist to help you.

It can be a hazardous job, climbing up a ladder to check the gutters yourself. If you decide to take this job on, make sure it is a safe and sturdy ladder. You should always have someone with you to hold the ladder as a spotter. If the worse case scenario does happen and you fall from the ladder and injure yourself, you will want to have someone close by to help you.

Keep watch on your basement for any excess moisture or evidence of mold. This is a sign that you could have water damage due to faulty or non-preforming gutters.

Gutter cleaning is one of those jobs many people put off as a nuisance job but it is very important to stay on top of the cleaning; in the end, it can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.





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