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When renting a downtown apartment, you always have to keep space in mind as it can be very limited. A storage room can be a luxury in a downtown apartment where you can keep your things organized and safe. However, when renting a small condo, studio or apartment with extremely small square footage, it is not easy to come up with ways to keep those personal items organized.

Living in a small space shouldn’t be a stressful problem, all you really have to do is come up with creative ideas to manage your challenging space issue.

If you are struggling with a tiny living area in your apartment, utilize your hanging spaces to store some of your things. You can purchase an Ikea wardrobe that looks like a cabinet and the design fits in any room you want. When looking to rent an apartment, make sure there is an extra storage unit in the building.

In your kitchen, you can hang your pots and pans on hooks, which will free up cupboard space for other kitchen utensils instead of putting them into your kitchen cabinets or drawers which you can use to keep your plates, spoons, forks and knives.

In your bedroom, especially for us girls, who love to collect shoes and purses, hang a shoe bag on the back of the door.

Tuck trendy baskets of all shapes and sizes under your tables to store all your magazines and books.  Customized beds are advisable with built in drawers for storing extra clothes or linens you have no room for.

In your living room, wall mount your television rather than placing it on top of an entertainment table. A beautiful wooden trunk can double in your living room as a coffee table and storage cabinet too. It is important that the size of your bed and sofa is just right for your space. A foldable table and chair set is also a brilliant idea whenever you have guests in your apartment, easy to fold and tuck away for added space.

Of course, one of the biggest space savers is a sofa-bed. Especially if you live in a studio apartment without the advantage of having an actual bedroom.

Living in a small space doesn’t have to be a challenge, it is just up to you on how creative you can be.

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