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West Vancouver Property Managers take some time off and be a tourist in your own town this holiday weekend!

Here are 5 great ways to explore the city with a set of new eyes.

5. Put on those walking shoes and hit the streets. Shopping in downtown Vancouver and people watching is a great way to get to know your city in a whole new way.
4. Take the little ferry over to Granville Island and enjoy the huge marketplace. To make it even more fun, bring along a group of friends and make a day of it.
3. Visit quirky Gastown known for it’s offbeat clothing stores and interior design shops and pick up a tourist t shirt in one of the many tourist shops.
2. Stroll around Stanley Park and the green lawns or talk a walk on the seawall no matter where you are the views are breath taking. Visit the aquarium while you are there and make a day of it.
1. Take advantage of all the discounts and freebies, there are so many coupons available so don’t miss out on any tourist attractions like the hop on hop off tour bus.

West Vancouver renters are a special group of active adventure seekers and love to explore the most beautiful city in the world everyday, rain or shine.
The entire month of May is dedicated to be a tourist in your own town so take this time to get to really know your city and all it has to offer!

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