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If you decide to downsize and move to a smaller property, storage can become a very big issue. Often, we become pack rats and collect all sorts of unnecessary clutter that simply just takes up room and does nothing more. If you have collected way too much stuff in your home, whether inside or out, you cannot maintain the cleanliness or organization you really want to live in.
This will force you to deal with storage problems.
When you are looking to rent a property, make sure you check about all the possible storage options, especially if you are moving to a smaller place. Not every property comes with storage and if you do not take notice, this could develop into a very big problem where you may have to absorb extra expenses for outside storage units.

Here at Orca Realty, we have a lovely smaller home that was not renting due to insufficient storage space, so the owners were happy to purchase an outside storage unit which solved the problem.
It’s easy to google storage options and you will be amazed at how any ideas come up.
You can buy coffee tables that can convert into storage trunks or wonderful wardrobes for extra storage. You can clean up your pile of sandals and shoes by buying an Ikea shoe organizer. It is cheap and does not take up much room in the closet.

Utilize every square inch in your closet space in the best way possible.

There are also lots of storage bins that are useful and decorative as well so they can double for furniture and storage as well. Also in the bedroom, you can look to rent properties that have built in drawers in the closet, so you only need a bed and side tables on the floor. It’s important to be creative where space is concerned and utilize every option you can find in the home for storage. Use boxes to keep the floor of your closets neat and organized.


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