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Looking for a condo to rent in Vancouver?

Vancouver Property Managers deal with many student renters and therefore the condo or apartment suites can change hands many times to many different people. The wear and tear on the property can be heavy and often the cleaning is not be the best.

Hiring the best cleaning crew for the busy shuffle of one tenant leaving as another moves in is very important. So look for the following attributes when interviewing for the job. Does the company offer a variety of cleaning services specializing in move in and move outs? Do they offer washing walls as a service or is this not available? One of the biggest impressions when showing an apartment or condo is the condition of the walls.

We like to conduct the white glove test, especially in the kitchen around the oven and counter spaces. Always look for the guarantee on the quality of cleaning service you will be paying for.

Referrals are the truest form of a compliment, so check out the companies online information carefully. Vancouver condo’s and apartments to rent are a busy lot and competition can be fierce for every single inch of living space especially in Yaletown or Coal Harbour.

Make sure your properties always look their shining best. Find a company that you trust because this cleaning crew will represent you and your reputation in the end. Looking for a downtown Vancouver rental property can be a full time job and you only get one chance to make a good first impression so put your best foot forward and let your property sparkle every time.

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