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Vancouver Owners Wanting

Downtown Vancouver home owners are sometimes at a loss, when it comes to properly marketing their properties, as it is a very specific marketplace.

They can post ads on craigslist, Kijiji or many other advertising platforms; they can inform their friends and colleagues they have a rental property available. Some owners utilize social media platforms to get the traffic, hoping to find that quality AAA rental prospect.

Inquiries may take weeks or months to finally come but that does not serve as a guarantee you have made the right choice.

It’s always better to have some help than none at all and as a successful downtown Vancouver Property Management firm, we have many different marketing tools at our disposal, that can change the weeks and months of waiting to days.

An experienced Property Manager can reduce your rental worries by over 50%.

Not only do we handle the professional marketing aspect of your rental property, just a few of the many services we offer are, secured background and credit checks for prospective tenants, rent collection with applicable late fees charges, overseeing and handling repairs and unforeseen emergencies, early vacancies and/or evictions without you getting emotionally involved.

As a downtown Vancouver home renter you can have peace of mind with our 24 hour call service at your fingertips.

For more information on how can help you about VANCOUVER OWNERS WANTING TO RENT OUT THEIR PROPERTY, please contact us at (604) 921-6722, or visit us here:

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