Vancouver Property Management Tip – Landlord access to home

  • 11 years ago

The tenant is entitled to quiet enjoyment of their Northshore or Vancouver rental house or rental apartment. Sometimes, the owner of the rental house might need access to the home. An example would be, their luxury West Vancouver house for rent is on fire or flooded. Possibly, the tenant of their Vancouver Yaletown furnished apartment has abandoned the unit or maybe the landlord has an interested party that would like to purchase their North Vancouver rental house or their Westside Vancouver luxury rental property and has been given proper 24 hours written notice to enter the premises.Like most landlord / tenant situations that arise,  the key to gaining access to the unit is to have a harmonious relationship. The happier the tenant is, the better they will treat your home and the better they will treat the owners requests to view and enter the rental house. This is why many people that own expensive properties in the British Properties, Ambleside, Dundarave, Shaughnessy or many other exclusive areas use Vancouver property management specialists to maintain healthy relationships with their tenants. Regardless, you should know your rights as an owner as to when you are allowed in the rental home according to the Residential Tenancy Act

A landlord may enter the tenant’s home only under the following circumstances:

there is an emergency such as a fire, damaged or blocked pipes or flooding;
the tenant is at home and agrees to let the landlord in;
the tenant agreed, not more than 30 days before, to let the landlord in for a certain reason;
the tenant has abandoned the rental unit;
the landlord has a Residential Tenancy Branch order or court order to enter the rental unit;
the landlord has given the tenant written notice at least 24 hours and not more than 30 days in advance. The notice must give the reasons for entering, which must be reasonable, and the time that the landlord will enter the rental unit. The time in the notice must be between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., unless the tenant agrees to another time.

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Vancouver Property Management Tip - Landlord access to home

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