Vancouver Property Managers – Professional cleaning or not?

  • 7 years ago
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Vancouver Property Managers often have a high rate in vacancy due to the downtown rental climate. With tenants coming and going there is the issue of wear and tear on the unit and the move out cleaning problem. Some tenants are concerned about their security deposit and leave the property in excellent shape. Unfortunately not everyone is responsible and from time to time we have to deal with apartments and condo’s that are left dirty and damaged. Who to call when this happens? Well it is always best to use a professional in any situation so we advise hire yourself a professional cleaning team. Vancouver home owners rely on their tenants to take good care of their property and as insurance they collect a damage deposit. If the unit is left dirty the cleaning company will be paid with the tenant’s damage deposit. A good cleaning company is worth their weight in gold. It is a sense of relief to Property Managers to know no matter what condition the property is left in, the professional cleaning crew will do a great job. References are a must when choosing the best crew available, after all, they will be a reflection of your standards so take the time and hire the right people for the job. Renting a downtown Vancouver apartment is hard enough with all the competition so make sure your apartment is clean and ready to view.

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