Vancouver Waterfront Home For Rent – Mystery tenant

  • 10 years ago

Mystery tenant – Vancouver Waterfront Home For Rent

Vancouver waterfront home for rent and who can the tenant be? Hmmm the exclusively listed home has very specific requirements for this famous mystery tenant. Who needs the privacy of a long winding driveway with the 7 bedroom/6 bathroom fantastic beachfront home completely hidden from view behind the tall forest of a tropical landscaped property? We’ll never tell. Ah the average day in a West Vancouver Property Management Company.

Well, maybe not average but becoming more and more common and it’s an exciting day finding the perfect secluded location for a Hollywood superstar. The private sanctuary away from those persistent paparazzi trying to find that one of a kind embarrassing shot. Directors, movie stars, producers they make the endless telephone calls and constant searching more like fun than work.

Lights, camera, action and renting a home in Vancouver is becoming a new career as more and more movies are being shot on our shores. With our natural West Coast beauty and easy going relaxed lifestyle, those suspicious, reclusive stars are becoming part of our everyday landscape. So don’t be surprised at your next Starbucks visit if you look at the next table and sitting right next to you is….shhhhhh we’ll never tell….

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