Vancouverites Love Summer!

  • 8 years ago

It is the most exciting season of the year that we Vancouverites look forward to, especially after a wet, cold, rainy Winter and Spring. When we envision this fabulous season, it makes us think about sunkissed tanned skin, cold drinks, patios, vacations, beaches, camping or its just a great time to take a walk in the park while enjoying nature.

There are so many more things that we can do during summer that we can’t do during Winter.

Spending quality time with your friends and family on the beach, parks and seawalls. Since there’s no school for the kids, it’s a great time to take your children to Stanley Park to visit the Vancouver Aquarium. They is a great kiosk outside the Aquarium to buy their favorite ice creams or hotdogs. You can bring the family bikes and bike all along the water which is great exercise as well.

It’s a time of the year to enjoy nature at its best and just have a great time hiking. Summer is perfect to grill your burgers, steaks and veggies for your outdoor cooking. Because we tend to be so active in the summer, eating all your favourite foods in not a problem as you will be burning all those extra calories by jogging, biking, hiking and walking outside in the beautiful weather.

When looking to rent a home, many Vancouverites base their decision on the properties close proximity to local parks and beaches.

Swimming is one of the most favorite activities kids love to do, whether its at the beach or community pool. Summer is the season that you don’t have to wear layered clothes and you can start wearing those bikinis, swimsuits, colorful tanks and shorts. Suntanning under the sun with a cool summer breeze and enjoying the water.


Who doesn’t love the beach? It’s the perfect time to relax or take a swim in the water. Kids loves to play in the sand and make castles or boogie board at the shoreline.  While you can sit under the umbrella beside the ocean or lake while enjoying your favorite cold drink.

We love summer because it’s the best time to be outside enjoying everything Vancouver has to offer. Here at Orca Realty we are very lucky as our West Vancouver office is only one block from the ocean 🙂

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Vancouverites Love Summer!

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