Warm Weather Means Home Improvement Projects

  • 6 years ago
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West Vancouver rental homes, like every other area are getting ready for spring/summer maintenance and the many jobs that go with spring cleaning inside and outside of the property. Where to start? Have you noticed once winter ends, you suddenly see how dirty your windows really are, especially as the sunshine floods in and that on it’s own is a huge job. Whether you tackle the job yourself or hire window washers it will change the look of your house. Spring is the best time to get started on a make over, especially if you are a home owner looking to attract quality tenants to rent your beautiful home and West Vancouver is one of the most popular areas for rentals. So, get out that dusty windex bottle and all your old rags and start cleaning.

Another big spring/summer job to tackle is painting. Nothing freshens up your home like a brand new coat of paint; this just brings your walls alive. Give your house a hint of spring (and summer colours) and say goodbye to the cold, damp winter weather with a fresh coat of paint.

Here are three tips that you will find useful as you plan to do that paint job makeover.

Assess your walls carefully, as some paint tends to highlight or hide cracks and other imperfections and some paint colours can emphasize the flaws. If you are looking for a safe colour option, then an eggshell paint colour might be the perfect way to go. The more neutral the colour the cleaner the look and your walls will not be competing with your furniture or artwork but merely enhance both.
Next, choose the best colour that can help emphasize your room. Whether you want to incorporate something to a certain theme or maybe make the ceiling look higher, try asking your local hardware store for their expert opinion.
Lastly, test out your chosen colours in small patches. Not only would it give you a sneak peak of how your room should look, it will also help you save money in the long run, just in case you change your mind. However, if you are a home renter, always consult the home owners before proceeding with any interior or exterior changes of any kind as they do like to be consulted before any major changes happen in their homes. Always…always run your ideas past them before beginning any home improvement project. The last thing you want to do is cause hard feelings between you and your landlord.


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