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The stories we hear from people trying to find an apartment in Vancouver all sound the same. You arrive at a suite, only to find 20 other people vying for the same place and it becomes almost a popularity contest with the viewing agent. It seems it’s not who is first at the scene, or at times, the most qualified applicant but who impresses the viewer the most.

Most people just naturally assume females are cleaner overall than males but this is not always the case, as we have come to realize in our business.
If you do not like cleaning then hire a professional; it’s not as expensive as you may think. References are by far the best indication of who you will be renting to. The main thing to remember as a landlord, is to make certain you are speaking with an actual reference, not just a friend of the applicant which can happen. If the landlord is a reputable Property Management company you are in good hands, as you will generally receive an honest evaluation of the tenancy but if the landlord is a friend or acquaintance of the potential applicant you may want to dig a little deeper with your questions and back check a few residences for more than one reference.

Pets have become a major issue for Vancouver renters as almost no buildings allow pets anymore. Over 1500 pets in B.C. are taken to S.P.C.A.’s throughout the province because their owners have no recourse. Of course, the biggest obstacle is over 60% of Vancouver renters do have a pet of some kind.

As a general rule, pet owners stay longer in the residence that non-pet owners. You can always provide references for your pet as well to ease the landlords mind. Often having a simple conversation with the actual landlord and letting them meet you and your pet will alleviate all their fears.

The best places to search for available properties are the following links.



Start looking early as it can be a challenging ordeal and you do not want to take “just any property.” 
You want to make sure you are happy with your new home.

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