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  • 10 years ago

West Vancouver home owners when looking out their huge, open picture windows that overlook the ocean imagine what they would like to use to replace the window treatments. If you have decided to purchase blinds, keep in mind what kind of style you want your windows to reflect. Blinds are often a good choice because you can adjust your lighting to create a warm atmosphere which is often ideal for the living room or sun room.

Renters in West Vancouver love to look out their windows to see the snow-capped mountains in the winter and when deciding on blinds, venetian’s can be great to use in the bedroom or kitchen. If using blinds in the kitchen, vinyl is often a good choice, as they not only look great but are easy to clean. Look at your home décor and decide whether aluminum, vinyl or wood are the right choice for you, as blinds can add to the style of any room.

Aluminum can be more modern and can look great when looking out onto your patio or backyard. Blinds give you the option for privacy, are a great way to control your lighting, can be custom made and can vary from room to room depending on your personal style. If you have small children or pets keep in mind you may want to look at the cordless options available for safety. West Vancouver Property Managers encourage home owners to include window coverings but if the property you choose to rent does not, then have fun decorating your new home and stand back and enjoy the view!

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