West Vancouver Home Renters – Is wallpaper obsolete?

  • 8 years ago
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West Vancouver home renters debate, is wallpaper obsolete? Overall, wallpaper can last five times longer than paint and if you splurge to buy vinyl wallpaper it will last years longer. Also, the variety of design, whether you are traditional or urban contemporary in wall coverings is endless. From crazy murals to a simple one colour paper you can explore your inner creative side in design right there on your walls. Some wallpapers have even lasted up to 15 years compared to most paints which generally need to be redone after 3 years. Certain wall coverings can even be painted.  West Vancouver home owners have the same dilemma when decorating their homes. To paint or wallpaper, which one will it be? If it’s wallpaper they choose, the next step is their design. They also have an overwhelming choice of wall paper textures. from cork, magnetic, leather look, scented, even, hold on to your hats, glow in the dark wall papers. Wall paper adds so much to a room and with a little TLC can change the entire ambiance of your home. Forget about the old days of removing wall paper from the walls which took days of hard labour. Today’s trendy coverings are far more easy to remove, especially if you us a primer underneath. West Vancouver Property Managers see many different houses everyday and although not all have wallpaper, it is a nice surprise when you come across a well thought out room with that uniquely covered wall that changes the entire room. Obsolete? No, in fact wall paper, wall murals, wall decals are all part of every home designers portfolio.

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