West Vancouver Homes Owners – Time to reassess your home?

  • 7 years ago
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West Vancouver Property Managers do their absolute hardest to try to find the perfect property that best suits both the owners and the tenants. Whether the tenants need a spacious backyard for their kids to play in or are hoping for a gorgeous wrap around deck that overlooks the ocean, these important amenities can surely make or break that all important renting opportunity. Case in point, let’s focus on an essential and intimate part of a home, the kitchen. The kitchen is always the central room to our AAA tenants, especially, for the cook of the family. Your kitchen, let’s just say, isn’t the world’s greatest asset, in terms of function and contemporary appearance. Your appliances have aged and the kitchen counter tops look dated as well. Believe me, we have had tenants walk away from fantastic houses due to the poor quality of the kitchen. It just doesn’t go with the great vibe the rest of your home gives off. All this due to the fact that the whole composition of the house is not in sync and it shows. West Vancouver rental homes have some of the most panoramic views that B.C. can offer, so make certain the interior of your home matches the exterior. Imagine the memories a young family will make in their first rental home together. North shore rental homes are in high demand, so take the time to reassess your property with a clear and honest eye and ask yourself, “Would I rent this house for that price”. If the answer is a resounding no, maybe it’s time to jazz things up.

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