West Vancouver luxury rental houses – the subtle things

  • 11 years ago

West Vancouver luxury rental houses are a fairly common sight as you drive around the various streets and boulevards of this prestigious part of town. Some houses have better outlays than others, some have tremendous views or are perched overlooking misty bluffs as their owners listen to the rocks being slapped over and over again by the Pacific ocean. Once in a while, you come across a special home that just resonates well with you. Today, I had the pleasure to meet a very nice couple who were the proud owners of such a home. Their contemporary, 4500 square foot, 4 bedroom West Vancouver house for rent was originally owned by an architect who designed the home for himself.  The kitchen has commercial aspects to it that have been designed for a residential house. Items like a stainless steel refrigerator with separate refrigerated drawers that open on their  own without actually opening up the main door. Two sinks, one on the kitchen island and another on the stainless counter top. European slate tiles throughout the home.

The home has three floors, the bottom has a bedroom and recreation room and office area and the main floor houses the kitchen, 2 dens, 2 bathrooms and the living room. The top floor has a couple bedrooms and really unique master bedroom. The ceiling fan is more a piece of art than a fan at all and there’s a horseshoe shaped walkway that has separate his and her walk-in closets with the bathroom at the bottom of the horseshoe. The entire backside of the home is pretty much glass and like a pier jutting out into the water a long thin deck pierces the air. The backyard slope down to a salmon bearing creek and the trees give complete privacy to the home. Words can’t do it justice but its truly a unique gem. In the West Vancouver property management game you come across many, many rental homes but once in a while it’s still nice to see a home that makes you say WOW! Homes don’t always need to have 6000 square feet, or 7 bedrooms or a view of the ocean, sometimes its the subtle touches that make all the differences.

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