West Vancouver property management – what you CAN’T ask

  • 8 years ago
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In the West Vancouver property management business you come across people from all walks of life and from a very diverse cross section of races, religions and creeds. Tenants looking to rent your West Vancouver rental house will also come from a variety of different origins and ethnic backgrounds. There are some very important questions that you should always ask a potential renter, but there’s also a list of questions that you MUST not ask.

Learn what NOT to say when interviewing a prospective tenant.

 What race are you?
 What religion are you?
 In what country were you born?
 Where were your parents born?
 What is your first language?
 Are you disabled?
 Are you an alcoholic?
 I don’t rent to people with kids.
 Are you pregnant? I don’t want a screaming baby disturbing the other tenants.
 Are you married?
 Are you divorced?
 Are you gay?
 Have you ever been arrested?

You want to perform your due diligence to ensure that your West Vancouver home for rent finds a good, reliable tenant to occupy it but make sure you stay within the rules or regulations…

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