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  • 9 years ago

Congratulations you just bought the newest iphone on the market and you are very excited to get started. For me, it’s all about the apps and some of the free ones are fantastic!
My favourite picks are the following:

Facebook app…who doesn’t get Facebook withdrawal without an hourly hit and what better way to keep in touch with friends and what they are doing than having the Facebook app right at your fingertips. Am I right? Come on, you know you check all the time….West Vancouver Property Managers – Free Iphone Apps

Snapchat. This is one of the fastest growing apps around. More than 200 million pictures are being shared on Snapchat every single day. It’s fast..immediate and totally a blast to use. It’s a safe way to share pictures and videos with all your friends and family in an instant. So easy to install and use even I can do it…talk about selfies…seriously try and you will be hooked…guaranteed…it allows you to send fun, spontaneous shots that look natural and intimate at the same time. It’s true what they say, “a picture is worth a 1000 words..”It’s like direct, honest communication to each other but with a quick snapshot of time and you can send the same pic to all your friends at once…

Dubsmash…oh boy..this one is really fun. Dubsmashing is a video messaging app where you can add soundtracks and videos to your phone from songs or favourite film scenes then the real fun begins. Once you have your best song, tv show clip or movie scene uploaded, you can record your video to play with the sound and share your clip…talk about a party trick…browse through the soundboard categories to practice and get ready for the best time of your life. This innovative video messaging app provides the best entertainment ever, you can literally lip sync your favourite scene from a movie, from a hot song you love or anything that can be lip synced or in technical terms dubbed. Are you ready for it?

Instagram..this is my newest app and I am already addicted to it. Instagram is an easy way to make your ordinary photo’s spectacular and share them with everyone, especially if you have family or friends that live far away. It allows you to share your special family memories and watch how everyone is growing up all over the world. You can also edit all your pictures and videos with several fun tools that instagram offers. The best part is you can send “private video messages” to your favourite people.

Google all the free apps available and pick out which one suits your specific needs. Not all the free apps are good or even worthwhile but there are some really good ones available.
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