West Vancouver Property Managers – How to officially move in

  • 8 years ago
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West Vancouver Property Managers all have an official move in report they must fill out with every new tenant they rent to. Now you are standing at the front door of your new rental home and you and your family are all set and excited to move in. Your Property Manager will meet you at the property and walk through every single room and make certain everything is exactly how it should look when you move out. They will take many, many pictures to protect the owner and you so when you move out you have a visual source to refer to. They also will take care of any concerns that may arise, for example there may be a light bulb burnt that went unnoticed. West Vancouver home owners rely on the experience of their Property Managers to take care of their prized homes just as they would. Both parties will check all the appliances, lights, walls, kitchens and bathrooms and record on the form exactly the state of each item so when you move out this report becomes a crucial tool for everyone concerned. West Vancouver home renters and home owners can rely on these detailed forms for a sense of protection. Once the interior of the property is completed then the exterior areas are addressed.

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