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  • 10 years ago

West Vancouver Property Managers are watching the 2014 Winter Olympics with the rest of the world and we can’t help but remember the excitement 4 short years ago when we held the distinct honour of hosting the winter games right here in our own backyard. Our hotels and private residences were booked past capacity and downtown Vancouver experienced a boom in restaurants, bars, retail shopping and just about everything else. Vancouver condos for rent, especially the furnished ones were rented months in advance but does everyone prosper at these massive people packed worldwide watched events? Well, we could debate that one for weeks. Yes, we did get our brand new Olympic Village and we did get a prettier easier to get to Whistler but the games did nothing in the long run to boost our tourism numbers.

We are not any shinier to the eyes of the world but we are certainly more expensive. For our 7 billion dollars spent, it somehow doesn’t seem like an even trade. West Vancouver home owners did manage to play host and rent out their beautiful waterfront homes to people from all over the world. Sidney Crosby became a hero all over again. More beer gardens than any other venue popped up in massive white tents all over the place. Canadians smiled all the time, waving to each other like we were all next door neighbours. So in the end, would we do it all over again? ABSOLUTELY!

Who will ever forget winning the gold medal in hockey and walking down the middle of Vancouver streets, free of cars among so many people you couldn’t see the ground anymore and high fiving every single one of them. To date, we have 4 shiny medals in the 2014 games and who will ever forget the names of Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe but this is only the beginning for the best country in the world. GO CANADA!

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