West Vancouver Property Managers – RECBC

  • 8 years ago
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West Vancouver Property Managers have a amicable working relationship with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia. This council is a protection established by our provincial government as a big brother watchdog over the conduct and ethics of real estate licensees under the Real Estate umbrella. Who do they work for? They work for you and their primary responsibilities are for licensing respective licensees and mortgage brokers employed in real estate sales, rental property management and strata property management. West Vancouver home owners can rest assured the council take their responsibilities very seriously as we here at Orca Realty do. The Real Estate Council investigates complaints against licensees and when needed can use disciplinary actions against the individuals targeted. It is a protection for all concerned, to make absolute certain all business dealings are conducted in a proper and regulated manner, our invisible Code of Ethics so to speak. Northshore property rentals can breath easier knowing the council is alive and well and monitoring all areas of the real estate community.

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