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  • 9 years ago

Thrift store shopping is not for everyone, but personally, it is my favourite past-time on my day off. There is nothing like finding the perfect designer jacket in excellent condition for $14.99. Believe me; I have a closet full of them. But, it can be intimidating when you first enter the store and see the overwhelming racks of clothes and the crowded furniture section etc…etc.. Give yourself time to really take a good look around; it’s the best thing about shopping second hand, taking the time you need. The thrift stores have changed enormously in the last few years. They are no longer dirty, dingy, poorly lit basement stores but have transformed into big box professionally merchandised highly energetic stores. Check out the Value Village in your area and you will be amazed at how bright and welcoming it is. Not to mention, how much good work they do worldwide. All the clothes and merchandise donated to their various locations worldwide, go to hundreds of worthwhile projects and local communities they support. Only the highest quality clothing and products are chosen from the nearby communities and selected for selling on their massive sales floors by their exceptionally experienced retail Managers. Any of the merchandise that does not sell on the floor gets shipped to developing countries so whether you are a shopper or donator or both, you can feel proud to support such a positive, productive retail dynasty.

If you are moving into a new apartment or house one of the the best places to find inexpensive but fun furniture and accent pieces is your local thrift store. You can also find handy appliances, silverware, pots, dishes, alarm clocks, just about anything you need. The main reason to “shop thrift” is bargains and lots of them. It can take patience, but I have found so many designer labels at cut rate prices and in mint condition. I mean people actually ask me “where do you get that outfit?” It can also be very exciting when you find the perfect fashion garment or decor piece for your home.

Working in a Vancouver Property Management company means dressing up every day but I still like to be more fun fashion than formal fashion. My favourite thrifting haunt will always be Value Village, particularly because of their community work and the volume of inventory they offer, but every now and then I admit I explore independent thrift stores as well.

One of the best I have discovered is Tournabout in the South Granville area, in fact, they are doing so well they now have 4 locations. http://turnabout.ca/stores/turnabout-granville/

Shopping with a friend is always fun, so take your best buddy and start rummaging. But before you head up to the cashier line, make sure you check your garments carefully for stains, tears, missing buttons or your glassware for chips and cracks because most second hand stores are exchange only. As I said before, thrift store shopping is not for everyone but at least give it a shot. You will have a blast! Renting a property in West Vancouver is fabulous and there are 2 unbelievable thrift stores right on my block with the greatest designer clothes and jewelery you can hope for. I’m a lucky girl indeed!

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