Westside Vancouver luxury rental homes – finding tenants

  • 8 years ago
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When it comes to Westside Vancouver luxury rental homes, why can Orca Realty rent them out much easier than an owner can on their own? There’s a great many answers to that question ranging from professional expertise, marketing prowess, database management amongst other reasons. One of the most basic advantages that a respected Vancouver property manager has over a single owner is volume. As an owner, you are simply advertising one home. We are advertising dozens. If a prospective tenant is viewing a different beachfront Point Grey house and doesn’t like it, maybe they’ll like yours instead? For a home rental service like us its simply MUCH easier to keep your home consistently occupied because we are constantly surrounded by people who are moving in and moving out of various Westside Vancouver homes for rent. We always use term leases versus month to month leases, so when we contact a tenant to see if they’d like to renew and stay an extra year or two and they say “No, we need a bigger home.” Ta daaaa. How about this lovely 5 bedroom close by? It’s as easy as that for us. An owner simply advertising on Craigslist has only one opportunity to find a renter. Successful Westside Vancouver property management companies like Orca Realty literally have dozens of such opportunities. That’s our advantage.

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