Westside Vancouver rental companies – never use multiple agencies

  • 11 years ago

There are more than one Westside Vancouver rental companies who specialize in the property management of luxury Vancouver rental houses. Some are better than others, this author might be biased towards one of the companies that is named after a swimming black and white mammal that dons a fin. Regardless of which company you decide to use, when you put your trust in a Vancouver property management company to rent out your luxury rental house or vacant apartment, then PUT your trust in them. I recently sat down with an owner of a beautiful Shaughnessy rental house and explained this very fact that it’s truly in their best interest to exclusively use one property management company versus multiple companies. When you decide to use more than one company than you are setting up a competition between multiple parties to race to find the “first tenant,” not the “best tenant.” Never forget the old Irish Proverb that states, “an empty house is better than a bad tenant.”If the landlord is not willing to make a commitment to a single company to manage their Westside Vancouver house for rent, then how can the owner expect the company to make a commitment to them? Luxury Dunbar, Kerrisdale or Point Grey rental houses take a lot of money and effort to properly market because professional photographs, signage, local canvassing all take considerable expense and are all 100% necessary to do the job properly. Yet, these steps are not provided to a landlord unless they are exclusively listing their home with us to rent.

An owner should never lose sight of the fact that just because they may have gotten away with nickle and diming the property management in the past on their Kitsilano rental house, Shaughessy mansion or UBC apartment for rent that they are one bad tenant away from losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost equity if a bad apple gets in the door.

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