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It is hard not to be depressed when it rains, especially rain in Vancouver because we get lots and lots of it. Rain can ruin some people’s day but for others, it’s a perfect day for the family to spend time and have fun. Don’t get me wrong, when you have plans for the day or it is a special occasion or you are celebrating something outside and suddenly the weather turns gloomy and rain starts pouring down, it can make you crazy?
It can be especially frustrating if you need to run outside errands and find yourself with no umbrella. 

For us here on the West-coast it is something we are used to, so most of us come prepared:
What to do on weekends when it rains; especially with the kids!

Kids love to spend time outdoors playing in the backyard, biking and hiking. It’s hard for them to stay inside, so make sure you purchase good, solid lined rain boots and a study, warm rain jacket with a hood so they can still do all their favorite outdoor activities without getting cold and wet. Most kids love playing outside in the rain…puddles anyone…

• The family can also play indoor games such as board games, cards, hide and seek, building a tent in the garage or basement and enjoy a game of indoor camping. Think of games that your family likes to play together and use these rainy days to spend time together.
• Prepare with your kids, a simple soup recipe perfect for rainy days. Let your kids participate and this will give them something to do to fight the boredom. Baking cookies is always a great idea…. also reading stories with your kids helps them do much better at school.
• Watch your favorite family movies together while eating freshly popped popcorn.
Don’t look at the rain as a negative but as a positive family time together!

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