When less income is more for your Northshore or Vancouver rental house

  • 8 years ago
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People are loathe to move on December 1 or January 1. The reality of the situation for many owners of luxury North shore or Vancouver houses for rent is that if your home is vacant over the holiday season than you are making zero revenue. As one of the most respected North shore and Vancouver property management companies our job is to help Vancouver rental house and Vancouver furnished apartment owners maximize rental income. Sometimes this includes advising clients to accept an offer that is lower than what they were hoping to get if the other option is potential vacancies for a month or two. When annualized over a one year term this lower rent is often still more money than including a month of zero income.This is why whenever possible you should try to structure your lease so it comes due at a more prime rental time of the year versus over the holiday season.

Another option still is to accept a short term tenant for two or three months to take you through this traditionally slower time of the year and gear up for a long term tenant on February or March 1. Every property is unique, whether its a luxury West Vancouver house for rent or a Yaletown furnished condo, price the home correctly and be aggressive with your marketing strategies and you will have success finding a AAA tenant.

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