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House painting both exterior and interior of your home is important for the visual presentation of your overall rental property.
As the owner of the home, when you keep up the painting inside and outside of your house, it not only adds value to the property, you will also maintain a positive relationship with your neighbours.

Here at Orca Realty we always encourage our owners to keep up the property appearance up to the highest standards they can.

Also, when doing viewings, potential tenants will absolutely notice freshly painted walls and your home will rent faster. Painting the exterior of the house every 5 years, will keep the property looking up to date and cared for.
Freshly painted homes are much more appealing. 
Particularly, if you are looking at your home as a rental investment, people viewing your property will pick a freshly painted home rather than those houses that look neglected because of old, peeling painting on the exterior of the house.

It is best to paint it every 5-6 years or as soon as the paint looks faded. Use the same painter who is familiar with the home and even paint it the same colour to save on expenses. You will discover it is beneficial for you for marketing purposes if you want to rent your property quickly and to the most qualified tenants.
When looking to rent a home on the North Shore, image can be an important factor for renters.

You definitely do not want to be the only home on the block that looks run down and dated.
If you are an owner and would like your home to be taken care of with the highest quality paint, we highly recommend hiring a professional painting company. It is easy to find reputable painters. Search on google for companies that offer the service and read their reviews. Ask friends and family members, if they know of a quality professional painter. Compare prices and contact a few different companies and ask for quotes.
 Professional painters can assure homeowners quality, reputable work and often will guarantee the job for several years.
As the premier West Vancouver Property Management company we have several painting contractors we work with and they all agree, it is cost effective to paint your home on a regular basis outside.

Spend time picking out the perfect colour and have fun with your home. It shows a sense of pride when the exterior of the home, including landscaping shows the home in the best possible light.
You will definitely attract the quality AAA tenants to take care of your treasured home.

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