Whether luxury West Vancouver rental house or remote trailer… mold cares not

  • 11 years ago

It often begins with, “what’s that smell?” Mold does not discriminate. You may live in Shaughnessy, Point Grey, Kerrsidale, Ambleside, the British Properties or Chilliwack. Your furnished Yaletown condo is susceptible, your Vancouver Westside rental house is susceptible as is your loft, your cottage and trailer too. A couple new properties that we have visited over the last few weeks have molding issues and its very important to deal with such issues as quickly as you can.

What causes mold? There’s many sources that can be the root of mold spores in your home, but moisture is the main villain. Leaking pipes, leaking roofs, floods, poor ventilation, damp basements can all be the guilty culprits that will open the door to your home being infected by mold. Find it, get rid of it.

What do you do if you have mold? First and foremost you need to prevent the moisture. Find the leak and repair it. Mold thrives in warm humid conditions so turn on your air conditioner and start cleaning. Mold doesn’t grow on metal as it needs materials that are organic to feed on so ensure all areas made of wood, cotton, paint, carpets, insulation, furniture and ceiling tiles are kept clean at all times. If you detect any mold make sure that you use a mask and a HEPA vacuum cleaner to get rid of it. Better still if mold is detected in one of your Vancouver rental homes simply call your local Vancouver property management company and seek their assistance and advice.

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