Why Kids Love Summer Camps

  • 8 years ago

Kids these days are adventurous and like to explore the outdoors. During summer vacation, it is the ideal time to bond with your kids. Camping in the backyard, hiking into the woods, taking the kids to nearby lakes are one of the preferred options of kids nowadays. They say that your childhood would not be complete without making all these fabulous family memories; if your kids haven’t experienced summer camps they are missing a world of fun.

Summer camps aren’t just about having fun; it actually helps build confidence and daily social skills in your children. They will learn how to enjoy and appreciate nature and it always gives a fresh break from stress in school, home work and everyday problems.

Outside camping will help them build independence and will allow them to develop survival skills.

Kids nowadays are very attached to gadgets, PSP’s, videogames, IPad and other games that will prevent them from going outside and just participating in action activities the whole day. Camping during summer will be a great time for them to run, swim, walk, climb and hike. It’s the best tool to keep them away from those electronic gadgets. Summer camps for kids not only enhances children’s interaction with all kinds of different kids but exposes them to many different cultures as well.

Summer camps also help build a strong sense of self-confidence and self esteem.

Children can play in groups, sit around the bonfire and share stories and bond with each other. Often these relationships develop into lifelong friendships. Working together to do camp chores, enjoy daily barbecues and spend special time on camp events is a great way to spend the summer. Kids will learn how to be independant from their parents’ decision making and learn how to solve problems on their own.
Kids may discover many talents that they haven’t realized they possessed when they are at home or in school. Summer camps encourage your children to try to do new things on their own.

Some kids often develop certain phobias to some activities, particularly sports but summer camps work hard to encourage the kids to try new things daily to boost their confidence. Here at Orca Realty, several of our Property Managers have their kids in summer camps and they enroll them every year.

So be excited and encourage your kids to try a summer camp for one year. The best thing to help mold your child and watch them grow in a positive, nurturing environment is to make them experience new adventures as much as possible.

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Why Kids Love Summer Camps

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