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West Van property managers generally have a good amount of knowledge when it comes to how homes are heated. The projected cost of utilities is a always a concern for potential tenants especially when the house is older or unusually large. Double pane windows and proper insulation will always play a major factor in energy efficiency but the furnace itself is the major factor. We will ignore other heating  sources  like electric base boards or radiant heating for this sample size and focus in on forced air options.

Do not wait until your furnace malfunctions, be proactive and keep your furnace running efficiently by having it inspected on a regular basis not when it breaks down. Do not wait until the cold, winter weather hits before you address the issue. Annual fall maintenance will save you money at the end of the day.
Use a licensed furnace specialist to inspect it and keep it in the best shape possible.
West Vancouver rental houses are generally larger than homes in other parts of the Lower Mainland so picking the right furnace if very important.

As an owner of a West Vancouver house for rent you must be aware that tenants take into consideration the age of the furnace when making their decisions. Certain home upgrades that will increase the homes value in the end AND attract better tenants should always be considered.

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