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Winter has just begun and heavy snow falls have hit Vancouver in a big way. Snow forming on trees, roofs, gutters, backyards, outside and causing havoc on highways. We all know that the fun and enjoyment snow and ice can bring, can also bring us dangerous conditions in life too; especially on the driving issue.

Shoveling ice and snow on walkways and driveways can be treacherous and dangerous but it must be done. You can hire someone to clear your property if you need to but do not leave ice and snow as someone can fall and severely hurt themselves. Try to start at the first snowfall as the heavier the snow and ice buildup the harder it is to shovel and clear it away. Snow, when not shoveled will quickly cause a dangerous situation on your property and anyone who injures themselves because of your neglect is cause for a lawsuit.

Icy conditions can be especially dangerous for walking on or trying to drive on. Have your roof cleared of heavy snow as soon as possible or you run the chance of collapsing roofs and heavy leaking. Also, it can clog or damage your drainage pipes and all kinds of expensive problems can ensue. If you want an easier way to remove snow and ice on your walkways and driveways, use a snow blower. If you have large areas to clear like backyards, outside patios, driveways, it is easier and faster to remove and clear snow with a snowblower.

For areas that have little amounts of ice and snow, you can simply use a snow shovel to lift the snow and chip away the ice. Make sure you have a good pair of warm, outdoor gloves and a solid snow brush or ice scraper handy inside the car to help in the morning to scrape your windshield and car windows.

Everyone tries to make snow removal as easy a job as possible.  Remember to never use hot water to melt ice and snow especially on your car. Clearing snow and ice from the outside of your home provides safety for your family and anyone coming on your property. Shoveling frequently helps the snow from accumulating and causing people to fall.
Always shovel and clear driveways to avoid any accidents and other danger that snow can bring.

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