Why Your Tenants Should Hire Professional Cleaners For Their Move Out?

  • 8 years ago

When a tenant is about to end their rental, a Property Manager or a property owners most common concern is with the cleaning jobs done when the tenants move out; another common problem is keeping the property clean for viewings once the tenant has given notice. The entire home should be clean, neat and organized when potential applicants come to view the space. It can be quite hectic for the current tenants to maintain the house and keep it clean for all the continual viewings. It takes a lot of time, effort and drive to keep everything organized for the viewings. With condo’s, there is very little time allowed between the move in and the move out cycles, so it is especially challenging to make certain the suite is fully cleaned and ready for the new tenants, as often the turn over time can be as short as 60 minutes. Chaos happens when the cleaning job left is not up to standard!

It presents a poor first impression for the new tenants!

When existing tenants vacate earlier than the usual end of month move-out date, it allows time to fix any repairs or cleaning issues before the next tenant moves in but unfortunately that is not always the case. Often the kitchen appliances are left filthy and the bathrooms a mess. There can be damage on walls, ceilings, stained carpets and scratched floors too. It can become a very stressful job when this happens, as most often your move in is scheduled right after your move out. So a good suggestion for your existing tenants is, to hire professional cleaners. This will eliminate the added stress of having to do a move in with eager new tenants arriving to a dirty condo. It is definitely not a good first impression and can lead to frustration on the new tenants side.

Professional cleaners are known to be well-trained, detail oriented, organized and expert cleaners are dedicated to a thorough quality job. They have detailed checklists on how they will clean each individual room. They often are much more detailed and fast at their cleaning and they know exactly what to look for.

Being prepared for your move in’s is crucial to a smooth turn over of the property. You will have a stress-free and pleasant encounter with your new tenants if you encourage your old tenants to use professional cleaners and professional carpet cleaners.

The comfort and ease of mind for the homeowners you represent when you hire professional cleaners is a big advantage. The tenant may spend money for cleaning but rest assured all money spent will be well worth it.

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Why Your Tenants Should Hire Professional Cleaners For Their Move Out?

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