Write A Letter To Your 16 Year Old Self – What Would You Say?

  • 9 years ago

So it’s my birthday in a few weeks and I was thinking back to when I turned 16. It was such a great time and I still remember celebrating with all my “best girls” for the weekend at Wasaga Beach. We somehow made it into the local bar with suspicious ID’s and I watched my very first rock band live. They were just starting out, but to us, it was like seeing the Rolling Stones and we danced every single song they played. Afterwards, we got to hang with the band on the beach til the wee hours of the morning. It was one of those nights you never forget; everything was perfect, the weather, the beach and the company. We sang, drank and ate bags and bags of junk food. It felt like the world was my playground and I couldn’t wait to get started with my life.

Here is a letter I am writing to my 16 year old self today.

Dear Me,
I hope you remember this time in your life and cherish the spontaneous environment wrapped in every single day. I know you do not have school on your mind right now but I am going to tell you to make it a big priority, as the rest of your life depends on it! It will dictate who you meet, where you live and what kind of life you will lead. I’m not saying these will be the most important things in your life but they will make your life so much easier and comfortable. You will be able to travel, which will change your life in so many ways. You will meet fabulous people who will open your mind to so many different cultures and ways of life, your head will spin. You will develop life long friendships that will enrich your life in so many areas. You will learn to look at the world as so much more than “your own backyard.” Travel…travel…travel…

I know right now you think you are “in love” but trust me, wait…wait…wait! You are not who will grow to be yet and you need to discover what you want to make you happy, not what you will have to accept as happiness. Forget about all those friends that you can’t live without; they will be a distant memory one day soon, until you discover them again on something called Facebook. With a strong educational background, you can get a good job, build a solid credit history which will allow you to buy a house and have financial security. These things will be important when you are older believe me!

You will be blessed with 2 amazing children that will change your life and make you a better person in every way. Keep your fabulous enthusiasm for life, maintain your strong work ethic always and continue to enjoy life every day. Because you will have a life filled with adventure, love and happiness BUT stay in school!

What would your letter say to yourself at 16?

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Write A Letter To Your 16 Year Old Self - What Would You Say?

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