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Every home owner wants to have a desirable home both inside and outside of their house to attract the best AAA tenants they can. Who doesn’t want your neighbors and people who pass by your home to be envious when they look at your gardens and lawns? When looking for a rental house, most tenants also take consideration of the garden. We all like that our gardens and lawn appear at their utmost perfect presentation as part of the property package.

When renting a family home, most tenants prefer to have spacious and well groomed front and backyards included. So listen carefully home owners, you should always guarantee that your trees, gardens and lawn are professionally well-maintained. Make certain that your property’s grass is regularly cut, flowers are heartily blooming and watered to keep them looking lush and healthy. Beautifying a lawn or your garden doesn’t need harsh or toxic substances to keep them green and growing, in fact many of these chemicals can actually kill your lawn and garden.

Here at Orca Realty, we strongly encourage tenants who are responsible for the gardening, to hire professional landscapers who service all the lawn and garden needs. This takes away the stress and yard work from the tenant and the professional gardeners can maintain everything in the garden without missing a single thing. If you don’t want to spend money for your garden and lawn, make sure you have the gardening tools and the knowledge to maintain the outside area, so it remains neat and tidy all the time. Having a clean, organized and tidy lawn takes weekly maintenance, especially in the Spring and Summer months.

You have to constantly remove dried dead leaves, old grass and all the multitude of weeds that sneak up.

Remember to fertilize the soil so all the plants will grow and stay healthy.

Again, always avoid using harsh chemicals, as these prohibited elements might actually harm your plants and lawn. Water regularly, when you are allowed, to maintain lush, green lawns and keep an eye on the height of plants, trees and bushed with regular trimming and pruning.

We all know that plants are beneficial to people, they provide us green surroundings, fresh air and serve as a special place for family bonding. Garden maintenance and lawn care needs a lot of attention, requires a lot of energy, time and effort and dedication but it is worth it and adds to the value of the property in so many different ways.

It will be a good investment in the end, for you and the property.

You Need To Landscape Your Rental Property

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