Supporting a Cause Close to Home: ORCA Realty and Homelessness in Vancouver

Vancouver, like many major cities, faces the challenge of homelessness. In 2022, a point-in-time count found over 3,600 individuals experiencing homelessness in the city. This number represents a diverse population facing complex challenges, highlighting the need for ongoing support and resources.

ORCA Realty, a leading real estate agency in Vancouver, recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. They are committed to supporting organizations working to address homelessness and empower individuals to rebuild their lives.

This Giving Group supports...

Orca Realty has supported the Festival of Lights in the past and we look forward to another great year to help support this amazing community cause. With the help of our team and community members, our hope is to not only achieve but to exceed our 2023 goal!!!!

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