Frequently Asked Questions

One of our most important tasks is delivering your rent on time. Occasionally, some tenants are late with their rental payments, but our late rent policy is to make immediate contact with the tenant to establish why their rental payment hasn’t been made and rectify the situation ASAP.
We manage all different types of residential and commercial properties. Inquire to find out more!
All over the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.
Quality homes attract quality tenants which is why Orca Realty manages properties that are in rentable condition. If your property requires work, we would be happy to assist you and work with our contractors to complete any repairs or upgrades needed to get your property ready for rental.

Our qualified Property Managers and their team of assistants are more than qualified to handle whatever situation may arise throughout the rental tenancy of your home. Communication is important and we pride ourselves in hiring reliable tradesmen and companies to complete home maintenance repairs. At Orca we have developed quality relationships with our contractors who provide our clients with the perfect match between quality and price.

Yes, Landlords should have insurance on their home at all times and the Residential Tenancy Agreements that tenants sign state that they are required to have valid Tenant Insurance as well.

Our online portal allows you access to Monthly and Year End financial statements.

Whenever possible, we try to perform credit checks, previous landlord references and verification of employment as well. Our objective is to always do our best to place a qualified, responsible tenant into your rental home.

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If you are not satisfied with your current solution, and systemized, efficient and affordable property management service is what you are after, we are only a phone call or email away. Get in touch today and let us deal with the stress of current situation.

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