Property Management

At Orca Realty Inc. we appreciate the unique qualities of each and every property and we specifically tailor our management packages to meet the individual needs of each and every home. We can adapt our system to an existing structure or develop a new system in line with our client’s preferred method of operation. As a valued Orca client, you will benefit from a wide-range of customized management solutions as well as our excellent customer service. In addition, you can rest assured knowing that Orca has the resources to properly maintain your records and protect your personal information at all times.

At Orca Realty Inc, we make sure that our number one priority is always the properties that we manage, and the owners and tenants that we work for. We believe that our owners and tenants deserve the same level of safety and security that we would expect to be provided to our own families.

The foundation of our company’s success has always been attributed to the honesty and integrity we expect to be shown in all of our business dealings. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 as we understand the importance of properly maintaining and taking care of your property at all times. Our management approach is also supported by secure technology, extensive industry experience, and our unique level of world class service.

Our clients have always relied on us to achieve their strategic objectives and have achieved significant financial and operational benefits by partnering with us. We are proud as a company that by following our values of dedication, integrity and commitment we have stayed true to our principles of sound Property Management.

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