Winter home maintenance tasks

With the cold weather here there are some tasks that you can take care of to help maintain...
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Moving During Covid

Moving is considered an essential service and sometimes you just can’t control when you have...
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Home Maintenance Projects to Concentrate on in December!!!

December can be chilly and cold and there are many things that you can do to get your home...
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Ten tips to help you and your cat have an easier move into your new rental home!

TIP...ask if they have pets. You will want to know if there is a dog at the property or an...
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Helpful tips to make your property viewer friendly for potential tenants!

Looking to rent out your property but not sure how to get it ready? Renting out your home...
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My house is feeling really cluttered!

My house is feeling really cluttered!!! How can I become a my home??? There...
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What Are 10 Low-Cost Home Upgrades That You Can Do To Get More Rental Revenues?

What are 10 low-cost home upgrades that you can do to get more rental revenues?

You want to rent out your property but it looks like it needs a home makeover and you don’t...
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Oh No! I Think I Have A Nightmare Tenant!

Oh no! I think I have a nightmare tenant!

As an owner of your property this is your worst fear!!! You’ve rented out your home and you...
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Do I Rent My Home Myself Or Do I Use A Professional?

Do I rent my home myself or do I use a professional?

As an owner you want to find the perfect tenant for your home. Maybe it’s a family home you...
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Kits Hippies No More!


Vancouver apartments to rent near the beach are as close to Venice Beach as we West coasters...
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FURNISHED !!!! 1800 sq/ft Modern Sub-Penthouse in Coal Harbor with Spectacular view and...
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DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER Vancouver home owners know how important it is to find the perfect AAA...
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