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Vancouver Property Management rentals can be a very competitive market. You can simply, click on Craigslist to get an idea of how many properties you will be competing against as a home owner.

Your North Vancouver property for rent, your West Vancouver luxury rental house or your upscale downtown condo for rent in Yaletown may seem like the perfect home to you, but if the pictures you use to advertise don’t clearly reflect this, then you will never maximize your potential rental income.
You simply will not draw in the clientele you want, to rent your beautiful home.

Pictures are worth a thousand words…especially professional pictures!!
The end goal of any marketing strategy, is to get as many qualified AAA tenants anxious to rent out your home as you possibly can, so you can have the best pool of tenants to choose from. In the end, if your home has not been well maintained or if you are pricing yourself out of the market with above market value rental expectations, then you may have fewer applicants to choose from. To attract qualified tenants, you need to spend the money on professional pictures of your property.

Superior, artistic, premiere, quality pictures, should help to paint a crystal clear picture of what a beautiful home you are offering potential renters.

Make sure you are prepared for your Professional Photographer when they arrive. Remove all clutter, so the Photographer can concentrate on the spectacular sunset in the background, not your messy kitchen. Tidy every room, if you have furniture in your home, make every bed, clean every carpet, wash every window, clean every bathroom and turn on all the lights. Have your yard landscaped and picture ready as well.

Professional Photographers do not have time to wait while you clean, so have your home camera-ready.  Often our British Properties rental houses, Dundarave and Ambleside luxury rental houses have incredible views and sunsets, so we will take pictures at dusk, so the clients can see how picturesque your stunning home can be.

If the views are a major feature, like West Vancouver luxury homes or Point Grey West-side Vancouver waterfront rental properties, then you need to plan ahead to make them a vital part of your professional photo gallery.

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