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Partnership Program

Advantages of Partnering with Orca Realty 

Two Income Streams

Generate consistent revenue through property management fees and lucrative sales commissions.

Stage 1 Support

We provide comprehensive training and resources along with a steady stream of income and pre-existing relationships with Orca Landlords and Tenants.

Flexible Schedule

A portfolio of 10 properties involves a minimal time commitment allowing you plenty of time to grow and expand your own business.

Growth Potential

As your skills and client base expand, you can transition to Stage 2 with higher commission splits and increased earning potential.

Are you a driven real estate professional with dual Realtor® and Property Manager licenses?

Become part of a dynamic and supportive community at Orca Realty. We offer ongoing mentorship, innovative technology, and a collaborative environment to help you achieve your real estate goals.
This graphic illustrates the two stages of the Orca Partnership Program and your projected income growth.
Stage 1:
Focus on building your portfolio and honing your sales skills. Earn an average of $41,000 per year through a combination of property management fees, lease-up bonuses, and sales commissions.
Stage 2
Leverage your experience and client base to maximize your earnings. This stage offers an 80/20 commission split on property management fees and the potential to earn an additional $65,600 per year.

How it works

We bring stability AND growth to Real Estate at Orca Realty if you are dually licensed as a Realtor and Property Manager.



$1,000 a month desk fee and 50/50 split with Orca on all clients we give to you for Property Management and Real Estate commissions.

  • 10 FM properties will bring you approx $1,250 monthly
  • Lease-out revenue will annualize to 40% of management so averages out to be $500 a month.
= $21,000 per year
2 sales at 50/50 a year is $20,000
Totals = $41,000 per year


Offering amazing service, performing viewings on Tenant replacements, and marketing will encourage referrals and you will look to duplicate this effort with non-portfolio clientele at an 80/ 20 split.
10 additional FM properties will bring your portfolio up to 20 will bring you approximately $2,000 a month at the higher 80% split and the lease-out component would be close to $800 a month for properties 10-20.
FEES: 80/20 split with Orca.
  • The second batch of 10 FM properties that you find on your own will bring you approx $2,000 monthly.
  • Lease-out revenue will annualize to 40% of management so averages out to be $800 a month .
$2,800 per month = $33,600 per year

2 sales at 80/20 a year is $32,000

Totals = $65,600 per year

*** Figures are based on approx $250 management fee and $3,600 lease out price and $20,000 sales commissions

By achieving Stage 2, you can reach a total annual income exceeding $106,000 while managing 20 properties and closing just 4 sales a year!

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