How to Film a Great Video Tour of Your Rental

  • 3 weeks ago
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Have you ever considered making a video tour to show off your home? Whether renting out your spare room or selling your beachfront pad, a slick video can grab and interest people’s attention.

And the good news? You don’t need to be a tech wizard with fancy cameras to get it done. A smartphone and a pinch of creativity are all it takes.

This guide will give you some helpful tips for making a video tour of your home that makes viewers feel like they’re with you. 

Why Make a Video Tour Anyway?

Creating a video tour can change the game when trying to get eyeballs on your place. Here’s the scoop on why hitting record could be a smart move:

They appeal to genuine buyers.

Prospective purchasers can preview your residence online, ensuring you’ll engage with genuinely intrigued individuals that are more likely to become long-term tenants.

Videos offer enhanced enjoyment.

Prospective buyers will relish delving into your property through a video, capturing more vibrancy than a mere photo collection and property description.

Highlight the exceptional elements.

Whether it’s a stunning fireplace or an envy-inducing kitchen, a video is ideal for showcasing these remarkable features.

Expand your listing’s visibility. 

Video tours can attract a broader online audience, extending your reach across vast distances.

How to Make a Video Tour That Wows?

Jot Down a Plan

Think of your video like a story where each scene matters. Take a little time to scribble down the must-see parts of your home. This doesn’t need to be fancy—a simple list will keep you focused and ensure you don’t miss out on showcasing any gems.

person holding pen

Keep It Steady

Imagine trying to watch a movie on the high seas; that’s what shaky footage feels like. Save your audience from seasickness by propping up your phone on a tripod. You’ll get smooth footage that gives off a pro vibe rather than a “whoops, tripped over the cat” one.

Look at Your Layout

Framing your shots nicely means thinking about what looks good on screen. There’s a little rule that photographers love called the “rule of thirds.” Imagine your screen has two horizontal and two vertical lines, creating nine boxes.

Try to line up the exciting parts of your room along these lines or where they intersect.

Good framing also means avoiding the bad habit of chopping horizon lines right in half. Play around with angles, and don’t be afraid to bend a little to find the most flattering view of each space.

Shine the Light 

We’re not all blessed with swanky lighting setups, but that’s OK. Work with what you’ve got! If you have big windows, use that free sunshine to brighten your rooms.

When the sun’s not on your side, switch on those lamps to cast a warm glow and prevent those pesky shadows from dominating the scene.

Get Exposed Properly

In photography, “exposure” is about getting the light in your video just right—not too bright or dark.

Play around with your camera or smartphone settings to find the sweet spot. Your goal is a picture that’s easy on the eyes with no glaring bright spots or gloomy corners.

living room with stairs

Move with Grace

Channel your inner ninja and glide through your home with a steady hand. A stabilizer or gimbal is a handy tool if you can access one. But even without fancy gadgets, you can achieve elegance in motion.

Take it slow, practice your pans (moving the camera side to side) and tilts (up and down), and remember to breathe—smoothly and efficiently.

Switch Up Your Angles

Changing the angle is like adding spice to a dish. Film from different heights and sides to show your home from multiple perspectives. This keeps things exciting and can make spaces feel bigger and brighter.

Highlight the Hits

Every home has its star features. It could be a cozy fireplace, or a stunning view. Make sure these showstoppers get their moment in the spotlight.

Keep the Tempo

Like a good song, your video should have a rhythm that feels just right. Don’t rush, but don’t dawdle either. Aim for a steady flow that feels natural as you move from room to room.

Paint the Full Picture

Your video tour should give people the full scoop, so remember to include your outdoor spaces and glimpses of the area around your home. This sets for your property advertisement the stage and shows off more than just four walls.

Edit with Care

Finally, take the time to trim the fat off your footage. Cut out any bits that drag on, or don’t add anything special. Play with colours, sharpen the image, and add captions to highlight critical points.

camera sitting on desk with phone and computer

Clean audio is also crucial, so consider adding an excellent soundtrack or calming voiceover if you’ve got the hustle.

Bottom Line

Crafting a video tour of your home is an enjoyable project that promises fun and functionality.

By breaking it down into manageable steps and not getting bogged down by technical mumbo-jumbo, you’ll create a visual experience that looks awesome and connects with viewers on a human level.

Every clip you record is a story chapter waiting for someone new. Keep it accurate, show some love, and who knows? That dream could very well become someone else’s reality.

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