How to Attract Long-Term Tenants

  • 2 months ago

Renting out your house in Vancouver, B.C. can seem like an easy way to earn a consistent rental income. While rental investments can be extremely profitable, they require a lot of work and dedication. This includes creating a comprehensive marketing strategy for your rental and ensuring the property is in good condition. 

A good marketing strategy can go a long way in helping you find reliable, long-term tenants. Ensuring that you choose good and reliable renters can be the difference between a stable and stress-free tenancy and an occupancy with constant late payments and potential disputes. 

In this article, the experts at Orca Realty will go over the best strategies for attracting long-term tenants and filling your vacancies quickly. 

Tips to Attract Long-Term Renters

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

In order to attract tenants, you must advertise your rental property successfully. But before you begin writing your listing, you need to create a marketing plan. Nowadays, most rental properties are advertised online, but this doesn’t mean you should overlook traditional marketing methods such as newspaper ads or signage. 

In addition to this, you should consider what platforms you want to advertise your property on. It is crucial to put a listing on a safe platform to protect yourself and your tenants from potential rental scammers.


Create an Attractive Listing

One of the easiest ways to advertise your rental property is by creating an online listing. A good rental listing should have an attractive title to catch prospective tenants’ attention. It should also include a comprehensive description that includes information such as the location, amenities, rent price, nearby attractions, and unique features of the property. 

Your listing should also include professional pictures of your property and a video, if possible. Quality visuals can go a long way in attracting renters. Moreover, by posting your listing across several different websites and even social media, you will reach a wider audience and increase the chances of attracting reliable, long-term tenants.

Maintain Your Property in Good Condition

Before advertising your rental property, you must ensure that it is clean and in good condition. A well-maintained property will be more attractive to potential tenants. So, you should conduct a quick inspection to see if any parts of your property could use a renovation or repair. 

Long-term tenants often seek a comfortable and functional living space, free from major issues or constant repairs. By investing in property maintenance and landscape, you can make your home more attractive to renters and encourage them to stay for the long term.

Set Competitive Rental Rates

Charging too much for rent can drive potential tenants away. On the contrary, charging too little can attract unsuitable tenants or leave you with a negative cash flow. That’s why you should always research the local rental market before listing your property for rent. 


By conducting a thorough research, you’ll be able to set a fair and reasonable rent that attracts responsible tenants and helps you in tenant retention.

Offer Flexible Lease Terms

Provide flexible lease options, such as offering longer lease terms or month-to-month arrangements. Some tenants may prefer the stability of a multi-year lease, while others may appreciate the flexibility of shorter terms

Catering to different preferences increases the likelihood of attracting tenants interested in a long-term commitment, even if they’re not ready to sign a year-to-year lease.

Provide Amenities and Services

Tenants are more likely to stay for the long term when they feel comfortable in their space. If you want tenants to stay on your rental for longer periods, you should consider offering amenities and services that enhance their quality of life. 

This can be anything from on-site laundry facilities and parking spaces to access to recreational areas. These additional features add value to your rental property and, more importantly, increase tenant satisfaction.

Communicate Effectively

Fostering a good relationship with your tenants can increase the likelihood of them staying on your property for the long term. A great way to do this is to keep open lines of communication at all times. When tenants first move in, you should establish clear policies and expectations regarding responsibilities, property rules, and lease terms.


By communicating these guidelines effectively you can prevent most misunderstandings and conflicts. In addition to this, you must respond to tenants’ inquiries, concerns, and requests promptly. Transparent and open communication can help you foster a better landlord-tenant relationship, which is crucial for retaining long-term tenants.

Listen to Tenant Feedback

The best way to retain tenants for the long term is to find ways to improve their living experience. Investing in low-cost property upgrades and renovations can help you with this.  You can also ask tenants for feedback on ways to improve their tenancy. 

By implementing their suggestions and addressing their concerns promptly, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to their well-being, which can increase tenant satisfaction and retention.

Offer Renewal Incentives

Provide incentives for tenants who choose to renew their lease, such as a rent discount, upgraded appliances, or waived fees. Recognizing and rewarding tenants’ loyalty can increase the likelihood of them extending their stay on your property.

Partner with a Property Manager

Many landlords have a hard time deciding whether to rent their property themselves or partner with a professional. While self-managing has many benefits, it can be stressful and time-consuming. 

By partnering with a seasoned property management company like Orca Realty, you can streamline the day-to-day operations of your rental, including maintenance tasks and addressing tenant requests. 

Bottom Line

Attracting long-term tenants has many benefits, including reduced turnover costs and a stable passive income. However, attracting renters requires a strategic approach that requires landlords to prioritize marketing, property upkeep, and open communication. 

By implementing the tips shared above, you can create an inviting and stable living environment that encourages tenants to commit to extended lease terms.

Need help marketing your rental? Contact Orca Realty today! Our team will help you successfully advertise your property to attract long-term tenants.

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