cashflowing Vancouver and Northshore Vancouver rental houses

  • 8 years ago
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Fortunately for some and unfortunately for others the value of your West Vancouver house for rent, Northshore rental home or Vancouver rental property has little to do with how much rent you may receive for the home. Tenants put much less emphasis on the lot of land than a potential home purchaser would. 99.9% of potential renters when faced with the choice of a 5000 square foot, older dated British Properties house for rent that sits on a 25,000 square foot lot will pick the 3,000 square foot modern, contemporary house on a 10,000 square foot lot if the prices are similar.

When needed, we suggest “home facelifts” to owners of such properties to help maximize the rental return that they can receive. Whether your home is a British Properties rental house, Dundarave house for rent or luxury Shaughnessy rental house if your home is old, dated and hasn’t been well maintained than you are either going to have a hard time renting it or not happy with the rental profits when you do. Typically, tenants spending in excess of $4000 a month expect nice, modern, well maintained homes. Find a quality North shore or Vancouver property management company to do an analysis of what your home could rent for and try to understand that spending a little money upfront might bring you higher rental returns and fewer vacancies down the road.

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