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When we are thinking about summer, we always need “Vitamin Sea.”

One way to spend your summer vacation is going to a nearby beach to cool down. Jumping into the water, swimming, sunbathing or just sitting back to enjoy the view.

Vancouver beaches are not only among the best in Canada but also around the world.



Here are my favourite top 5 beaches in Vancouver!

1. Kitsilano Beach or Kits Beach
If you like people watching and spending your beach time surrounded by the beautiful beach people, this is the spot for you. There is a fabulous restaurant right on the beach with a great patio to sit back and enjoy watching the beach waves that have spectacular mountain and city views behind as well.

2. Spanish Banks
This is named after the discovery of the Spanish explorers in 1972. If you want to experience a less crowded beach and away from the craziness of the city, this beach is a perfect spot to bring the kids. With sandy shores and awesome views the tide goes so far out the kids can run and play to their heart’s content while you relax. The beach also has a great barbeque area for picnics, outdoor activities like playing volleyball and frisbee.

3. Wreck Beach
It is also known as North America’s largest “Naturist Beach.” Known worldwide as a friendly throw back to the hippie style nude beaches, this eclectic beach has been controversial internationally because of people swimming naked or sun bathing “au natural freely.”

4. Tower Beach
Definitely not an ideal looking beach like the traditional West coast beaches where you can play and build sand castles, toss frisbees and hit volleyballs, this beach comes with a great history and people still love to visit this place because of that history. The water ravaged rocks catch the attention of many tourists and lots of pictures are taken every day.

5. Jericho Beach
If you are looking for a great lazy vacation, I would recommend Jericho Beach. It is usually a quiet and calm water-friendly oasis for your kids. It is a great place to bring your picnic basket and relax while taking in one of the best views of the North Shore Mountains.

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