Homes To Rent In North Vancouver – Gardening Time

  • 8 years ago
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Homes to rent in North Vancouver have great gardens and spring is in the air. All you gardening enthusiasts get your tools and gloves ready. It’s that time of the year to go bulb shopping. You can almost see the bright yellow daffodils poking through the soft earth and nothing cheers away the winter blues like the brilliant spring colours of blooming flower buds. Make sure you spread the bulbs evenly and space them appropriately to allow the growing room they will need. It is a time consuming labour of love to plant the perfect garden and not all people have the magic green thumb needed for the grandiose results we all hope for. North Vancouver Property Managers always encourage their clients who own homes to maintain their current gardener and offer landscaping as a perk for their renters. Remember also the flowers bring the birds and the smell and sound of nature will surround you. So owners, it is money well spent because it saves what could become an uncomfortable situation as what one person sees as a thriving blossoming garden another sees as “What have you done to my garden?” scenario. So all home owners be smart and keep your own gardener on retainer for the new tenants. Believe me, they will thank you for it. Renting a North shore condo or apartment is easy to maintain the grounds but try a 5 bedroom home with 8000 square feet of exterior grounds. HELP! I keep my gardener on speed dial.


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