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Kits Hippies No More!

Vancouver apartments to rent near the beach are as close to Venice Beach as we West coasters can get. Kitsilano was a holdover area formerly occupied by the pot smoking hippie crowd and believe me, there are still the odd buildings standing to reflect that special time but not many. In the summer you will be hard pressed to find an empty single square of white sandy beach to park yourself on.

The oiled down volleyball players and the excited daily watchers have half the beach area occupied. The rest of the space is taken up by bikini clad girls who spend most of their time walking back and forth from the beach to the crowded food and drink concession. The view is spectacular from every angle on Kits beach and there is always something going on. West 4th Avenue has become a mecca for tourist shoppers and locals alike. Trying to find a Kitsilano apartment or condo to rent is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You might get lucky but the odds are definitely not in your favour. Who doesn’t want to live in this young, trendy hotspot?

The restaurants are as diverse and yummy as the neighbourhood and transit is easy to man-oeuvre unless of course you have a car to park. Vancouver Property Managers love to get any property in that area because it will be rented within a matter of minutes from signing to advertising.

As a former Kits dweller myself, I kick myself everyday for letting my 2 bedroom apartment with a view at $975 per month go, that same apartment now rents for $3450 per month.

Kits Hippies No More!

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